RZ01 is SAP S/4HANA transaction code to Job Scheduling Monitor. It is part of SBTC_OLD-Package for Old Background Objects package and functional area BC-CCM-BTC. RSRZADM2 is the standard SAP program that is running in the background.

TCode DescriptionJob Scheduling Monitor
PackageSBTC_OLD - Package for Old Background Objects
Authorization ObjectS_TOOLS_EX

Other TCodes in the same package: SBTC_OLD

SAP TCodeDescriptionProgramAuthorization Object

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SAP TCodeDescriptionProgramAuthorization Object
SM62Event History and Background EventsRSEVTHISTS_BTCH_ADM
EXTSDLAdminister the External SchedulerRSEXTSDLS_BTCH_EXT
ESDLExternal Scheduler ApplicationRSEXTSDL_STARTERS_BTCH_EXT