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A044VendorApplication development Conditions
A045Vendor Condition GroupApplication development Conditions
A069Vendor SubrangeApplication development Conditions
A075Master Conditions for SRV with Material GroupApplication development Conditions
A076Master Conditions for Activities in ContractApplication development Conditions
A083Vendor Conditions with PlantApplication development Conditions
A084Vendor Conditions without PlantApplication development Conditions
A096Activities for VendorApplication development Conditions
A097Activities for Vendor with PlantApplication development Conditions
A107Vendor HierarchyApplication development Conditions
A108Vendor Hierarchy / MaterialApplication development Conditions
A109Vendor hierarchy: vendor sub-rangeApplication development Conditions
A134VendorIS-R: POS Interface
ACCRBDAccruals/Deferrals Master Data - Basic DataDevelopment Project 'Accrual/Deferral'
ACCRFIAccruals/Deferrals Master Data FI/CO Account AssignmentDevelopment Project 'Accrual/Deferral'
AD01VARMASTERVariant MasterDI Processor (Resource-Related Billing/Sales Pricing)
ADFSH_APTMASFlight Scheduling: Airport MasterFlight Scheduling (DDIC)
ADFSH_BAYMASFlight Scheduling: Bay MasterFlight Scheduling (DDIC)
ADFSH_BAYMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Bay Master DescriptionFlight Scheduling (DDIC)
ADFSH_SECTMASFlight Scheduling: Sector MasterFlight Scheduling (DDIC)
ADFSH_SECTMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Sector Master DescriptionFlight Scheduling (DDIC)
ADFSH_TERMASFlight Scheduling: Terminal MasterFlight Scheduling (DDIC)
ADFSH_TERMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Terminal Master DescriptionFlight Scheduling (DDIC)
ADOWNERREFTemporary reference address storage - Master object (ALE)SAP Technology - Business Services: Address Management
ADPMWHGRPHDDefiniton of Inventory Groups ( Master Data )A&D : Rotable Control ( CMC )
ADS2KIPBRO_CMDSPEC 2000 IP: Key fields for master data creationSpec2000: Initial Provisioning Browser
ADTCF_MASTERADTCF - User Profile MasterA&D: Tree Control Framework
AENRChange MasterEngineering Change Management
AENVECH: Object Types for Change MasterEngineering Change Management
AEOIECH: Object Management Records for Change MasterEngineering Change Management