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ADPMPRIOHDCustomizing : Priority for rotable orders (Header)A&D : Rotable Control ( CMC )
AFKOOrder Header Data PP OrdersApplication Development ERP PP Production Orders
AFSPRELRelation Between Orders in an Order SplitApplication Development ERP PP Production Orders
ALM_ORD_TYP_SDOrder Type Maintenance for Server Driven push of ordersMaintenance Processing
ARBERP_C_POCUSTFurther mapping settings for purchase order outboundMM Ariba Integration Configuration
ARUN_SUBCON_CARules for Subcontracting Purchase OrdersPackage for objects used in a-run cross applications
AUFLAY1Layouts for the OrdersCost Accounting, Orders
AUKAIWorklist for Sales Orders (FBG)Application development R/3 Purchasing, Allocation table
AUUMIWorklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.)Application development R/3 Purchasing, Allocation table
BCAREVPO_BSPayment Items and Add. Payment Orders fm Curr. Convers. (AS)Split for Currency Swap
BCST_SRBCS: Status of Send OrdersBusiness Communication Service
BKK47BCA: Direct Debit OrdersBank Customer Accounts: Current Accounts
BKKSOBCA: Standing OrdersBank Customer Accounts: Standing Order
BKKSONTPayment Notes of Standing OrdersBank Customer Accounts: Standing Order
BKKSO_PAORNBCA: Payment Orders of a Standing OrderBank Customer Accounts: Standing Order
BLK_REASONBlocking Reason in Purchase OrderPurchasing
BLK_REASON_TXText Table for Blocking Reason in Purchase OrderPurchasing
BPC_MAT_PRSCHCBC: Table for ecatt Material PurchasePLM Best Practice Content: Specification
CCGLC_TRCHKRules for Print Requests of Process OrdersEHS: Global Label Management
CCGLC_TRCHKEAdditional Rules for Print Requests of Process OrdersEHS: Global Label Management
CCRCC_CHCK_SALESActivate Check of Sales OrdersEHS: Substance-Related Regulation Checks
CCTR_VER_HISTVersion History table for central purchase contractsSAP S/4HANA Outline Agreements - Central Purchase Contract
CFIN_AIF_IDX_VPOCentral Finance: AIF Message Key Fields For Purchase OrderCentral Finance - AIF Integration
CFIORGEN0CFIN Objects for Internal OrdersConnector Financials - NewFIN Part
CFIORMNF0CFIN Objects for Manufacturing OrdersConnector Financials - NewFIN Part
CFIORMNT0CFIN Objects for Maintenance OrdersConnector Financials - NewFIN Part
CFIORPURITM0CFIN Objects for Purchase Order ItemsConnector Financials - NewFIN Part
CFIORQMM0CFIN Objects for QM OrdersConnector Financials - NewFIN Part
CFIORSRV0CFIN Objects for Service OrdersConnector Financials - NewFIN Part
CIF_IMORDIntegration Model Reference Table for Production OrdersCore Interface