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A004MaterialApplication development Conditions
A017Material Info Record (Plant-Specific)Application development Conditions
A018Material Info RecordApplication development Conditions
A029Material Pricing GroupApplication development Conditions
A046Material Group PricesApplication development Conditions
A047Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific)Application development Conditions
A049Market Price for MaterialApplication development Conditions
A054Market Price for Material GroupApplication development Conditions
A071Material per PlantApplication development Conditions
A073Material per SOrg/DstChApplication development Conditions
A075Master Conditions for SRV with Material GroupApplication development Conditions
A076Master Conditions for Activities in ContractApplication development Conditions
A080Taxes: MaterialApplication development Conditions
A108Vendor Hierarchy / MaterialApplication development Conditions
A141Dependent on material and receiver profit centerCustomizing for Profit Center Accounting
A142Dependent on materialCustomizing for Profit Center Accounting
A143Dependent on material groupCustomizing for Profit Center Accounting
A278ETM Material / Activity TypeMEC: Application development R/3 conditions
A304Material with release statusApplication development Conditions
A360Location / Service type / Material - Street priceSSR Fuels processing (IS-Oil Sevice Station Retailing)
A416PRA Pricing - Contract, Well, Well Completion, MaterialPRA Production and Revenue Accounting (Upstream Business)
A434Incoterms / Material group 2 - FederalTDP Tariffs, Duties and Permits
A438PRA Pricing - Contract, Measurement Point, MaterialPRA Production and Revenue Accounting (Upstream Business)
A440PRA Pricing - Contract, MaterialPRA Production and Revenue Accounting (Upstream Business)
A445MaterialEXG Exchanges
A4ANCondition Contract / Material Group 1 / MG2 / MG3 / MG4 /MG5Condition Contract Persistence Layer
A932custom SO DC Price group materialApplication development R/3 conditions: customers
ACCRBDAccruals/Deferrals Master Data - Basic DataDevelopment Project 'Accrual/Deferral'
ACCRFIAccruals/Deferrals Master Data FI/CO Account AssignmentDevelopment Project 'Accrual/Deferral'
ACDOCA_M_EXTRACTACDOCA Extract Table for Material LedgerMaterial Ledger - Database Layer