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A019Contract HeaderApplication development Conditions
A043Purchasing Organization/Material TypeApplication development Conditions
A095Activities + Purchasing OrganizationApplication development Conditions
A215Contract header conditions at outline level without plantR/3 External Services Management
ABS_IV_KEYFIG_HDAbsolute Key Figures at Header LevelVendor Evaluation From Invoice Verification Documents
ACCTHDCompressed Data from FI/CO Document - HeaderFinancial Accounting "Basis"
ACEDSOHAccrual Subobject Header DataAccrual Engine: Distribution Server Basis
ACEPSOHAccrual Subobject: Header Data in Posting ComponentAccrual Engine: Posting Server Basis
ACMOBJSTATRESHDRACM: Object-Status results - Header tableCommon Objects for Access Control Management
ACMRTHEADERACM-Runtime: Header dataCommon Objects for Access Control Management
ACMTSTRAP1_T_SOACMTST-RAP-1: Sales Order Header (DB-Table)ACM-RAP Tests (Ver.1-Unmanaged) - BOs,Services,DDLs,Code...
ACMTSTRTHEADERACMTST: Runtime Header data (Expected test-results)Objects for Testing the ACM functionality
ACMTST_DB_SOACMTST: Sales Order Header (DB-Table)Objects for Testing the ACM functionality
ADMI_RUNArchive Runs Header DataArchive Development Kit
AFIHMaintenance order headerAppl. Development R/3 Plant Maintenance Order Processing
AFKOOrder Header Data PP OrdersApplication Development ERP PP Production Orders
AFRHHeader information for confirmation poolR/3 Application development: PP Confirmations
AFRH_DELBackup Copy of Header Information for Confirmation PoolR/3 Application development: PP Confirmations
AFWCH_FL_BKAFWCH: Header Data for Filter HistoryRDB: Analyzer Characteristic Management
AFX_FMOD_HEADAFX Function Modules: HeaderArchiving Framework: Templates
AFX_FMOD_HEADTAFX Function Modules: Header - TextArchiving Framework: Templates
AGRDIST_HEADERRole Distribution: Header DataRole Distribution with Download and Upload
AIN_EQ_HDR_MAPAIN-EAM Header Fields MappingAIN: Integration
AIN_TEPC_TYPEHeader and URI FormatAuto-ID Backend Integration
AKKPDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header DataApplication development R/3 foreign trade
AMHDGlobal Performance Analysis: Header Data Log OperationNew Performance Trace / Statistics with DB Connection
AMSKSQL trace header info in application monitorSAP Monitoring Tools
ANEKDocument Header Asset PostingAsset Accounting
ANST_NOTE_SEATrace Notes Search HeaderAutomated Notes Search Tool
ARBFND_I_DCXML_HDDIC objects generated for cXML messages: header dataInternal Tools for Ariba Integration