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EINAPurchasing Info Record: General DataPurchasing
EINEPurchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization DataPurchasing
EINSGTPurchasing Info Record: Segmentation Specific DataSegmentation (categories)
EKCPAPurchasing Contract Commitment Plan Account Assignment DataPurchasing
EKCPHPurchasing Contract Commitment Plan Header InformationPurchasing
EKCPIPurchasing Contract Commitment Plan Item InformationPurchasing
EKKIPurchasing Condition IndexPurchasing
EKKOPurchasing Document HeaderPurchasing
EKPOPurchasing Document ItemPurchasing
EKPO_DISTRPurchasing Document Item DistributionPurchasing
EKPO_WEIGHTSPurchasing Document WeightsPurchasing
EORDPurchasing Source ListPurchasing