SAP Tables

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SAP Tables by Functional Area

Functional AreaDescriptionNo.of Tables
APApplication Platform180
BCBasis Components708
BWSAP Business Warehouse57
CACross-Application Basis Components1546
CRMCustomer Relationship Management17
DIDiscrete Industries22
EIMEnterprise information management solutions108
FIFinancial Accounting762
FSFinancial Services2667
GRCGovernance, Risk and Compliance42
ISIndustry Solution1773
LELogistics Execution335
LOLogistics - General516
LODLOD Components28
MMMaterials Management39
MOBBusiness Mobile78
OPUOccasional Platform User387
PLMProduct Lifecycle Management440
PMPlant Maintenance46
PPMPortfolio and Project Management234
PSProject System18
PSMPublic Sector Management27
QMQuality Management20
REReal Estate Management48
SCMSupply Chain Management4424
SDSales and Distribution71
SLLGlobal Trade Services153
TMTransportation Management204
XAPCollaborative Cross Applications163