SAP AIF Administrator TCodes

SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) is a centralized integration and infrastructure software that allows you to build, deploy, monitor, analyze, and manage application interfaces from a single location. It monitors, analyzes, and corrects interface errors.

An AIF Administrator is in charge of advanced system configuration such as publish custom functions, interface determination, archiving, and correction report generation, among other things.

Transaction CodeDescription
AIF/CORRECTIONSCorrection Report
/AIF/CUST_FUNCDefine Custom Functions
/AIF/CUST_HINTSDefine Custom Hints
/AIF/CUST_LINKDefine Custom Data Link
/AIF/CUST_TEXTDefine Custom Message Texts
/AIF/DEL_STRUC_CACHEDelete Structure Cache
/AIF/DOCUInterface Documentation Tool
/AIF/EDCHANGESError Handling Changes Log
/AIF/ERRMonitoring and Error Handling
/AIF/ERR_BASEError Handling Base
/AIF/GENMSGSNAPAIF Generate Snapshot
/AIF/IDXTBLIndex Table Overview
/AIF/IF_TRACEAIF Interface Trace Level
/AIF/IFMONInterface Monitor
/AIF/LFA_CHECK_SENDRead Files from folder; Send to AIF
/AIF/LOGInterface Logs
/AIF/MYRECIPIENTSRecipients of Current User
/AIF/PERFORMANCEPerformance Tracking
/AIF/PERS_CGRRuntime Configuration Group
/AIF/PERS_TESTTest Persistence with Flight Booking
/AIF/RECIPIENTSRecipients of a User
/AIF/REP_AC_ASGNAIF Reprocessing Action Assignment
/AIF/REP_AC_DEFAIF Reprocessing Action Definition
/AIF/SERIAL_INDEXManual Change of External Index
/AIF/TEXT_HINTSTransport Text of Hints
/AIF/TJ_CONFIGConfigure Data Transfer
/AIF/TOPICDEFAIF Topic Definition
/AIF/TOPICSTATUSMaintain Topic ID Status
/AIF/TRANSFERTransfer into AIF Persistence
/AIF/VMAPValue Mapping
/AIF/VMAP_BASEBase Transaction for Value Mappings
/AIF/VPNMaintain Validity Periods