CDS Views for Overhead Cost Orders (CO-OM-OPA)

CDS View NameDescriptionSQL View Name
FCO_ABR_BEL04Settlement actual costsFCOV_ABRBEL04
FCO_ABR_BEL04_ASettlement actual costsFCOV_ABRBEL04A
FCO_ABR_BEL_04Settlement actual costsFCOV_ABR_BEL04
FCO_ABR_BEL_04_ASettlement actual costsFCOV_ABR_BEL_04A
FCO_ABR_BEL_LDSettlement actual costs per ledgerFCOV_ABRBELLD
FCO_ABR_BEL_LD_ASettlement actual costs per ledgerFCOV_ABRBELLDA
VFCO_CJ8GCDS-View for transaction CJ8GH -finalVFCO_CJ8G
VFCO_CJ8G_ADDCDS-View for transaction CJ8GH -final - with ordersVFCO_CJ8G_ADD
VFCO_CJ8G_L1CDS-View for transaction CJ8GH - first stepVFCO_CJ8G_L1
VFCO_CJ8G_L2CDS-View for transaction CJ8GH - second stepVFCO_CJ8G_L2
VFCO_CJ8G_L3CDS-View for transaction CJ8GH -third stepVFCO_CJ8G_L3
VFCO_CJ8G_L4CDS-View for transaction CJ8GH -fourth stepVFCO_CJ8G_L4
VFCO_CJ8G_L5CDS-View for transaction CJ8GH -fifth stepVFCO_CJ8G_L5
VFCO_CJ8G_L6CDS-View for transaction CJ8GH -sixth stepVFCO_CJ8G_L6
VFCO_CJB1CDS-View for CJB1H - finalVFCO_CJB1
VFCO_CJB1_L1CDS-View for transaction CJB1H - first stepVFCO_CJB1_L1
VFCO_CJB1_L10CDS-View for CJB1H - tenth stepVFCO_CJB1_L10
VFCO_CJB1_L2CDS-View for transaction CJB1H - second stepVFCO_CJB1_L2
VFCO_CJB1_L3CDS-View for transaction CJB1H - third stepVFCO_CJB1_L3
VFCO_CJB1_L4CDS-View for transaction CJB1 - fourth stepVFCO_CJB1_L4
VFCO_CJB1_L5CDS-View for transaction CJB1 - fitfh stepVFCO_CJB1_L5
VFCO_CJB1_L6CDS-View for transaction CJB1 - sixth stepVFCO_CJB1_L6
VFCO_CJB1_L7CDS-View for transaction CJB1 - seventh stepVFCO_CJB1_L7
VFCO_CJB1_L8CDS-View for transaction CJB1H -eigth stepVFCO_CJB1_L8
VFCO_CJB1_L9CDS-View for transaction CJB1H -ninth stepVFCO_CJB1_L9
VFCO_CJB1_NEWCDS-View for CJB1H new generation only - finalVFCO_CJB1_NEW
VFCO_CO88_WITH_OPCDS-View for transaction CO88H - finalVFCO_CO88_B
VFCO_CO88_WITH_OP_L1CDS-View for transaction CO88H - first stepVFCO_CO88_B_L1
VFCO_CO88_WITH_OP_L2CDS-View for transaction CO88H - second stepVFCO_CO88_B_L2
VFCO_CO88_WITH_OP_L3CDS-View for transaction CO88H - third stepVFCO_CO88_B_L3
VFCO_CO88_WITH_OP_L4CDS-View for transaction CO88H - fourth stepVFCO_CO88_B_L4
VFCO_CO88_WITH_OP_L5CDS-View for transaction CO88H - fifth stepVFCO_CO88_B_L5
VFCO_CO88_WITH_OP_L6CDS-View for transaction CO88H - sixth stepVFCO_CO88_B_L6
VFCO_CO88_WO_OPCDS-View for transaction CO88H - finalVFCO_CO88_A
VFCO_CO88_WO_OP_L1CDS-View for transaction CO88 - first stepVFCO_CO88_A_L1
VFCO_CO88_WO_OP_L2CDS-View for transaction CO88H - second stepVFCO_CO88_A_L2
VFCO_CO88_WO_OP_L3CDS-View for transaction CO88H - third stepVFCO_CO88_A_L3
VFCO_CO88_WO_OP_L4CDS-View for transaction CO88H - fourth stepVFCO_CO88_A_L4
VFCO_CO88_WO_OP_L5CDS-View for transaction CO88H - fifth stepVFCO_CO88_A_L5
VFCO_CO88_WO_OP_L6CDS-View for transaction CO88H - sixth stepVFCO_CO88_A_L6
VFCO_KO8GCDS-View for transaction KO8GH - finalVFCO_KO8G
VFCO_KO8G_L1CDS View for transaction KO8GH - first stepVFCO_KO8G_L1
VFCO_KO8G_L2CDS-View for transaction KO8GH - second stepVFCO_KO8G_L2
VFCO_KO8G_L3CDS-View for transaction KO8GH - third stepVFCO_KO8G_L3
VFCO_KO8G_L4CDS-View for transaction KO8GH - fourth stepVFCO_KO8G_L4
VFCO_KO8G_L5CDS-View for transaction KO8GH - fifth stepVFCO_KO8G_L5
VFCO_KO8G_L6CDS-View for transaction KO8GH - sixth stepVFCO_KO8G_L6
VFCO_TJ07_KOAOCDS-View of TJ07 restricted to VRGNG='KOAO'VFCO_TJ07_KOAO
VFCO_TJ31_KOAOStatus for settlement set by userVFCO_TJ31_KOAO
VFCO_TJ31_SRGNStatus for settlement rule generation set by userVFCO_TJ31_SRGN
VFCO_VA88CDS-View for VA88 - finalVFCO_VA88
VFCO_VA88_L1CDS-View for transaction VA88H - first stepVFCO_VA88_L1
VFCO_VA88_L2View for transaction VA88H - second stepVFCO_VA88_L2
VFCO_VA88_L3View for transaction VA88H - third stepVFCO_VA88_L3
VFCO_VA88_L4View for transaction VA88H - fourth stepVFCO_VA88_L4
VFCO_VA88_L5View for transaction VA88H - fifth stepVFCO_VA88_L5
VFCO_VA88_L6View for transaction VA88H - sixth stepVFCO_VA88_L6